Michael and I talked about housing amenity – privacy, solar access and light, air, cross ventilation and so on- qualities that bring comfort, calm and pleasure to daily lives, and

he said I should first look at SEPP 65 * (which he is working on)

State Environmental Planning Policy 65 – Design Quality of Residential Flat Development (SEPP 65)

We discussed different ways of measuring density. dwellings per hectare is a common measure. But bed/ ha and plot ratio/FSR are perhaps more useful

we discussed time lapses and MZ showed me a time-lapse of a recently completed project using the iPhone “miniatures” app…

he suggested that i tweet my themes as I progress- which could later serve as captions for an exhibition.

i should consider alternative ways of classifying my projects ; old/new, seven cities, in order of density, collective efficiency perhaps

consider an exhibition later..

further comments from MZ

  • the Dutch wait 20 years to watch what others do and  what will work- don’t innovate
  • Jim Weirick has a good knowledge of  housing in Berlin
  • check out Catherine Furet building in A& T, project architect Frank Minnaert
  • There is a Mietkaserne room type- corner room- corner window?
  • look at Atlas of Dutch Housing
  • Have I read “the intermediate scale”?
  • Lisebet van der pol – in Amsterdam Zuid- rennet- perimeter block

further comments from Kieran McInerney

  • Godin’s Phalanstery- check it out
  • Meyershof-  Mietkaserne in Berlin
apologies for the bullet points- its a log! – unfortunately logs can be quite tedious sometimes…