Many of the most delightful and desirable places to live are high density.  Many people and activities in a small area. When you see a memorable  movie with character, narrative and wisdom; it is generally in the dense, intense layered city. (The suburbs tend to be documented in TV sit-coms…)

Despite this, there is much resistance to new high density developments.In Australia the term “high density housing” has negative connotations for citizens, councils and builders, and even for architects and developers.

My study is a valentine to the shared and daily pleasures and comforts of high density living.
I am making time lapse photographs and talking to people.
I am an architect in  Sydney, Australia. I also teach, and occasionally write for the mainstream and architectural press.  is our website
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my study tour is supported by the New South Wales Architects Registration Board ( a travelling scholarship established by the admirable Byera Hadley). Part of my submission follows
“Judiciously sited and carefully designed dense housing would help to ameliorate many urgent problems such as; housing availability affordability, lack of infrastructure, environmental impacts and loss of arable land.

Housing is a framework that supports social life and brings coherence, belonging and delight to peoples lives. It is arguable that high density housing has more capability to provide social amenity and connectedness than medium or low density neighbourhoods.

Because a housing project is a small but complete and enduring part of the city; housing design is one of the most satisfying design challenges for an architect. Architectural skills and fees are not a luxury but a necessity for high density housing.”