Mietkaserne (literally “Rent Barracks” in German) are a type of housing peculiar to Berlin. From what i gather thus far; the Mietkaserne was originally housing for the Prussian Military. Married officers were obliged to share the barracks with unmarried personnel.

This is a very good document;

Mietskaserne – TU Delft Institutional Repository

Berlin’s biggest Mietkaserne is described in detail . “Meyer’s Hof” was laid out as 7 x 40 metre long ¬†buildings parallel to the street that marched back into the 140 metre deep block. The courtyard widths accommodated the turning circle of a fire water pump, and the height was limited by fire regulations to five storeys.

There is a remarkable view through the tall arches that form the centre of each block. Meyers Hof was a magnificent building!